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 Stress Coaching/Counselling

"Our sessions equipped me with tools for better coping in stressful situations, but also I have gained self-awareness that has resulted in acceptance and a new-found confidence about who I am ... Jenny, working with you has been a real pleasure - thanks for all your support, sensitivity and insight." (Client - publishing company Oxford)

'The issue I spoke of last time has got a lot better. I am handling it much more effectively now, with a new attitude and perspective on it, and much of the stress that was associated with it has GONE!! Thanks again for your sterling support. Really did help a lot. You're a very special person Jenny!' (Coaching client)

Are you a line manager or an HR professional  looking for help for stressed employees?

Have you considered STRESS COACHING

We have created a unique and highly effective
6 sessions in total.   It combines all the benefits of
one-to-one coaching with training in effective stress management techniques. Although this is a programme, it is tailored to meet the needs of the individual concerned. We use a therapeutic method based on the cognitive behavioural psychological model, a solution-focussed approach...which works.

For more information about the

STP Stress Coaching Programme, please call us on 01235 550534 or complete this contact form and we'll be in touch promptly.

The Benefits:

Do you have staff off sick with stress

We can help where you have a member of staff absent with stress.

Perhaps the stress is work related, or it may be the result of problems in other areas of their life.

We are able to work in partnership with HR, visiting your employee at home to provide support and counselling, thereby making it possible for them to return to work sooner.

For the individual – he/she feels supported and valued (but isn’t having ‘counselling’), and at the end of the coaching they are equipped with tools they can use in every area of their life. Having learnt how to reduce stress, they can now be more effective in their work and in their relationships. What’s more, reducing stress is a positive benefit to their health.

For the employer - a very cost effective way of tackling the issue of stress. Stress coaching usually brings about rapid improvement. As an employer it demonstrates that you are taking seriously your responsibility with regard to stress. It results in a loyal employee who is able to function more effectively in their role, and there is also often a ripple effect, benefiting those around them.