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Dealing with Difficult People

Having to deal with difficult people can affect us in many ways - our work, our relationships, our health and our ability to get what we want from life. But we can learn how to deal with challenging behaviour both assertively and sensitively.

Recognising, understanding and responding effectively to the different types of behaviour can be invaluable, not only in our professional lives but also in our personal relationships. The result is satisfied customers, harmonious teams, less stress, more confidence, a more skilled workforce and healthier relationships all round.

This workshop will help participants develop a new perspective and provide them with new skills and techniques so that they feel more confident when dealing with difficult people.

Course Outline:

Identifying different types of difficult people, and what makes people 'difficult'.

Looking at which behaviours we find challenging and why.

Looking at a range of tools and strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour, avoiding escalation and resolving conflict, including how to manage your own emotions, so that you can remain calm and behave assertively and sensitively.

Learning Approach
The workshop is highly participative and appeals to all learning styles. Attendees will be given the opportunity to develop their learning skills and to plan future development. There will be a great deal of group and individual work.

A very popular course.

"Thank you, I really enjoyed the day. The trainer was excellent and I feel ready to put my newfound skills into practice!"

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