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Organisations that incorporate coaching into their culture see sustainable
improvements in key areas, including internal and external communications,
productivity, employee attitudes, stress and sickness absence, recruitment and retention of staff. One-to-one coaching is a powerful process and is increasingly being recognised as the way for organisations and individuals to fast track performance. The benefits are far reaching both for the organisation and for the individual.

Coaching is about the psychology of excellence – making what’s good even better and helping you stay ahead of the game.

Jenny has a reputation for developing potential and for solving people problems. Her approach is based on the cognitive behavioural model of psychology, but is eclectic and also includes techniques and concepts from the NLP and transactional analysis approaches. Her style is engaging, practical, constructively challenging, warm, empathic and authentic - clients often comment on her unique insight.
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Cognitive Behavioural coaching is outcome driven, in line with the individual's and the company's objectives, and results are measured against the key performance requirements of the individual being coached. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual and sessions can either be face-to-face or by phone - quite often a mixture of the two.

Great coaching will help you be the best you can be. It will help you find your own individual style. And it will help you get the best out of your staff, your peers and your manager.
Coaching is a highly effective tool for:

  • developing clear goals and objectives
  • Increasing confidence and self-belief
  • managing performance
  • becoming a leader
  • influencing others
  • developing your style
  • delegation
  • coaching your people
  • building a team
  • recruiting the right people
  • developing trust
  • Improving work-life balance

  • handling conflict
  • managing customer relations
  • communication skills
  • assertiveness skills
  • motivating your people
  • developing emotional intelligence
  • giving feedback
  • dealing with difficult people
  • recognising and handling stress in your team
  • improving self-confidence in others
  • understanding your personal values
  • developing team values