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Stress at Work

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The government is making workplace stress a priority, and the UK Health and Safety Executive has over the last few years introduced new management standards, designed to help companies measure stress levels and then take the necessary steps to reduce it.

All the research tells us that stress is damaging health and costing UK businesses huge amounts of money, in fact accounting for more than 60% of sickness absence.

So it makes good sense to deal with stress, not only to comply with the Health and Safety Laws and to avoid litigation, but more importantly because looking after the health of your employees results in higher productivity, greater staff retention and reduced sickness absence - all reflected in the bottom line.

Dealing with stress is an investment decision - 'good health is good business' says the HSE, and the successful employers are the ones who are responding to the challenge of the work/life balance needs of their employees.

"Stress is likely to become the most dangerous emerging risk to business in the early part of the 21st Century" - Association of Insurance & Risk Managers.

Some recent research facts:

-Stress, anxiety and depression account for 40% of sickness absence

-1 in every 4 employees is functioning below par due to mental ill-health

-'Presenteeism' roughly doubles the cost of absenteeism

-40% of incapacity bill is due to mental ill health

-Depressin costs the employer 23 times what it costs the NHS

-46% of emplyees work extra hours to manage their workload


• Attract the best people and retain valuable
• Improve performance and effectiveness

• Increase motivation and commitment

• Reduce absenteeism, accidents and 'burnout'

• Reduce the possibility of expensive litigation

• Improve industrial relations 

.............all of which positively impacts the bottom line...........


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