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  Stress Coaching:   A Cognitive Behavioural Approach


  By Jenny Gould of The STP Consultancy



Stress is on the rise – all the research tells us that. Whilst we     have less hardship and disease than our forefathers, the pace of life today is phenomenal and that brings with it a host of different problems.  As nature’s ‘fight or flight’ response, stress is very effective if we need to fight for our lives, but not so appropriate in a traffic jam or argument with the boss! When stress builds up and becomes chronic, it affects our health (75% of all visits to the doctor are considered to be stress related), our work, our relationships and our ability to enjoy life.


So what can be done about it?


Stress affects each of us differently, depending on our personality, background and experiences in life, so the first step is to assess a client’s stress levels and identify exactly how they are being affected – be it physically (e.g. indigestion, back pain), behaviourally ( e.g. sleep problems, unable to relax ) and/or emotionally (e.g. anxious, depressed).  Coaching is a collaborative process and involves helping  the client to identify the root causes of their stress and any emotional issues involved, followed by the introduction of effective coping strategies for both short-term and long-term relief.


This therapeutic method is based on the cognitive behavioural model of psychology, and is a solution-focussed yet holistic approach.  


Stress coaching usually brings about rapid improvement. Typically the client will have 6 –12 sessions, covering areas such as their goals and ambitions; confidence; self-esteem; communication and  assertiveness; emotional self-management (changing unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and attitudes); managing anger; procrastination and time management; lifestyle; balancing work and home; relaxation training and other instant stress busting techniques - the list is endless.  


Since coaching is about changing unhelpful attitudes, habits, behaviour or lifestyle, it requires commitment from the client, but with the right encouragement and support this is an exciting and rewarding journey.  And one well worth taking – after all, the cost of stress is high.




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