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Tel: 07771 881435


Jenny Gould Therapy

CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching





Working in an intergartive way I use cognitive behavioural therapy combined with other techniques taken from positive psychology, NLP and transactional analysis, with or without clinical  hypnotherapy .


Modern CBT really began to develop in the 1950’s as a reaction to psycho-analysis, following the ‘cognitive revolution’ in academic psychology. It is a combination of cognitive therapy, which reframes unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, and behavioural therapy which aims to change the resulting  behaviours, for example avoidance of certain situations).


During the sessions we focus on the problems and difficulties you are experincing now,  and whilst we take into account events from the past,  we  concentrate on looking  for practical ways of improving your state of mind. We work with your thoughts, mental images, beliefs and attitudes, identifying  unhelpful, irrational thoughts and beliefs and then  look at how we can replace those with more healthy realistic ways of thinking.  CBT is known as a brief therapy but the number of sessions can vary widely depending on the client and issue, anything from 4 – 10  sessions.  


This way of working is very 'client centred' - in other words we use whatever techniques and approaches work best for the individual client.

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