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What do you really want?   Jan 2008


By Jenny Gould of  The STP Consultancy


Here we are at the start of a brand new year, which is as good a time as any to take stock.


So, why not stand back and think about these questions:  


What do you want more of or less of? What area of your life needs some attention?  How will your life look 5 years from now?  Is there something you really want?  Something you'll do, or some change you'll make - when you 'get time'? Perhaps learning that language, becoming a non-smoker, training for a new career, mending a relationship..., but once again it gets lost in the business of everyday life.  


But if we only attend to everyday life - how can we actively create our future?  So, what's your big picture?  Given it much thought?


 There's no time like the present. Here are some ideas for getting you thinking:  


1.Create a clear picture in your mind about what you would like to see yourself        

   doing in 5 years time. Where are you, what are you doing, who are you with

   and how do you feel? Now ask how you'll feel if you take no action towards that      



2.Regularly imagine that picture, adding detail, sounds, smells to make it come      

   alive.  Using your imagination creatively is a powerful way of getting what you    

   want. There's nothing magic about it - we simply find ourselves 'filtering'    

   opportunities that fit that vision.


3.Do you really want it? Remember what they say - 'be careful what you wish for'.      

   Make  sure it isn't something you feel you 'should' do, rather than something you      

   want to do/have/be.  If you could have it now – would you? Think about it - in 5

   years you really can change your life!  


4.Write it down, and in positive terms.  In as much detail as you can.  And in the    

   present  tense,  e.g.  'We're living in France, in a gorgeous  farmhouse, with a  

   courtyard, duck pond.....have lots of friends locally and a great social    

   and old friends visit often .....the writing's going well... and so on.


5.Get started!  Small actions lead to big changes.  Start tomorrow.  Something    

   holding you back?  Could it be that old chestnut - fear of failure?  Go on take a risk  

   - nothing ventured, as they say!  If you don't try, you may well look back in 5 years        

   time with regret.  Ask yourself - what's the worst that can happen!


                      "Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it,

                              Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

-                           Goethe



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