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Top Tips: Managing Anger



• Remember that no-one else can ‘make’ us angry – we do that              



•  Stop – breathe slowly and deeply into your abdominal area.                  

     Consciously relax at the same time.


•  Take a mental step back – no need to respond immediately.  Take time

     out if necessary.


•  Use positive ‘self talk’ – remember what you think affects how  you feel,

     and therefore how you behave! Try ‘leave it!’,  ‘it’s not worth getting    

     upset’,  'what does it matter!’.


•  Don’t assume you know what the other person feels or wants.                

    Communicate, and that includes listening!


•  When you start to feel defensive – ask yourself why


•  Be assertive about what you want – and learn to say ‘No’


•  Respect yourself and others will respect you.


•  Try to deal with problems early on, don’t let them build up.


•  If you make a mistake – don’t beat yourself up. You’re fallible.


•  Ask for support early – it’s a sign of strength not weakness.





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